by Future Shapes / dot Vom

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released April 29, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Scott McDowell at Hyde Street Studios.
Mastering by Jonathan Kirchner.



all rights reserved


dot Vom San Francisco, California

dot Vom™,
conjuring up
repressed dreams,
lost loves,
& painful memories since 2013

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Track Name: dot Vom - Sad is Fine
You don’t have to keep me satisfied
I’m content to sleep here by your side, a limb, a sloughed off skin
You don’t have to keep me under wing
You don’t have to give me anything
least of all a ring

You don’t have to keep me satisfied
I just want to be your highest high, a breath, a little death
You sit back and let me drive
I don’t even have to be alive, my darling, but it’s nice sometimes

You don’t have to keep me satisfied
All you gotta do is close my eyes for me and I’ll pretend to be
You don’t even have to try
I am just along for the ride, and I'm all right

Don’t look at me like I’ve gone mad
You can’t hurt me, please don’t start that
I don’t even have a heart, I am just a part, I am just a part
And parts don’t get sad

You don’t have to keep me satisfied (big boys don't cry)
Track Name: dot Vom - Legz for Days
Sucking in my gut
My fists won’t open up
But if you hold them
something will erupt
flaming in the dusk
like La Conchita

How the CD skips
With every bump we hit
Impromptu remixes
that crack and hiss
A soundtrack for each kiss
And I could love this

And if you think there’s something wrong with you
Then it is in me too
The truth is, bodies aren’t black and white
but ours are just fine black and blue

Burns around your throat
From sun and not from rope
At least I hope it’s
so, and so we joke
It’s better than to choke
and we’re almost home

and home isn’t always the safest space
but it’s my favorite place
and you are my favorite shape , so straight and so gay
with curves and rays and legs for days